STADA is one of the fastest-growing consumer healthcare companies. Our purpose is to care for people´s health as a trusted partner. Therefore, we are working closely with high-ranking experts in the fields of medicine, science, sports and lifestyle. Our aim is to help people stay or become fit and healthy in their everyday lives. STADA MENA’s portfolio includes products from some of our strong STADA Group brands like Natures Aid (UK), Thornton & Ross (UK) and Walmark (CZ).

Natures Aid

Natures Aid has been manufacturing and supplying high-quality nutritional supplements for more than three decades. Established in 1981 – and since 2016 part of the STADA Group - Natures Aid has become one of the UK's favourite brand of vitamins, supplements and herbal products which are manufactured in our own purpose built factory in the UK. The products are monitored and quality checked to the standard of the industry recognised GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) to ensure that the customers receive the finest quality of products. Our purpose is to be always one step ahead in the world of natural and herbal supplements.  In MENA we offer natural supplements for men, women and children, with specially designed formulas and ingredients.

Thornton & Ross

Thornton & Ross is one of the UK's fastest-growing, leading producers of household pharmaceutical products, and own some of the country's most loved brands such as Radian®, Hedrin® or the leading disinfectant Zoflora®.

The company is also a trusted and reliable provider of prescription products, including emollients bone health products and generics, to the NHS with almost 100 years’ heritage behind them.

As Thornton & Ross is a part of the STADA Group since 2013 we are able to provide products like Radian®, Metanium®, Hedrin® and Zolfora® in Middle East and Africa.


Walmark founded in 1990 has reached many milestones to become the fastest growing CEE healthcare company in the last 28 years. The brands encompass Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Extracts, Kids’ Supplements, Female Health, Male Health, Joint Health, Gut Health, Respiratory Health products and many more. Strict compliance and a continuous increase in the quality of the products is paramount, and the excellence of the products development is one of the main competitive advantage. Since 2019 Walmark is part of the STADA Group and continues to provide consumers with the best healthcare choices delivered through a culture of innovation & empowerment in central europe as well as in 40 Markets globally including Middle East.