STADA’s EUR 300,000,000 1.75% Senior Notes due 2022

  • 12/20/2018
  • Press Release

Bad Vilbel, December 20, 2018 – In accordance with STADA Arzneimittel AG’s (STADA) prior ad hoc notification, dated November 13, 2018, STADA and certain of its significant subsidiaries have today (in line with the instruction received from its majority shareholder Nidda Healthcare GmbH (Nidda)) granted certain in rem security to secure certain capital markets indebtedness and other debt financing which is borrowed and/or guaranteed by Nidda and its affiliates (including STADA).

The grant of such in rem security will give the right for holders of the EUR 300,000,000 1.750% fixed rate notes due 2022 (ISIN XS1213831362) (STADA Notes) to demand repayment of their principal and accrued interest on such STADA Notes.

Accordingly, STADA will offer to repurchase, subject to certain conditions to be announced, STADA Notes at a price of par plus accrued interest (the Tender Offer) in order to allow any holders of STADA Notes who wish to redeem such instruments a further opportunity to do so. It is intended that the Tender Offer will commence during January 2019 and shall remain open for acceptance for a period of approximately 6 months.

Enduring investor relationships are of great importance to STADA. As such, prior to today’s grant of the above-mentioned in rem security, STADA made continued efforts to offer to redeem in full the STADA Notes and to make amendments to the STADA Notes to grant equal and rateable security to the holders of those STADA Notes, however STADA did not receive sufficient responses from the holders of the STADA Notes to do so, in either case.

Additional information for capital market participants
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