STADA: Statement on media reports

  • 7/21/2016
  • Press Release

Over the past few days various media reports regarding STADA have stated that

  1. AOC has the support of approx. 30 percent of voting rights;
  2. AOC provided STADA with a list of candidates nominated by AOC and other investors for the election of new members to the company's Supervisory Board

STADA issues the following statement regarding these reports:

  1. STADA has not been informed by the investor AOC or any other party that the share of voting rights attributed to AOC and reported to the company on April 1, 2016, exceed the previously reported level of 5.05% (incl. financial instruments: 6,98%). Despite of multiple requests, STADA has not been provided with any information regarding any additional shares of voting rights that have to be attributed to the investor. As a result, the company must assume that the investor holds only the 5.05% share of voting rights (incl. financial instruments: 6.98%) that has been reported to STADA. Otherwise, AOC and the supporting funds cited by AOC would have violated legal requirements regarding the reporting of voting rights. This will be the subect of a legal review.
  2. Reports that AOC had presented STADA with a new list of candidates for the election of new Supervisory Board members are inaccurate. After AOC announced the existence of an own candidate list through the media, STADA asked AOC to submit this list. Such a list has yet to be presented. It is correct to state this: The Nomination Committee included all five candidates originally recommended by AOC in the selection process.

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