STADA AGM 2012: Executive Board expects further growth in Group sales and earnings – positive outlook until 2014 confirmed

  • 5/30/2012

At the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting of STADA Arzneimittel AG, which took place today, on May 30, 2012, in Frankfurt am Main, the Chairman of the Executive Board, Hartmut Retzlaff, confirmed the outlook for financial year 2012 in his remarks. The STADA Executive Board therefore expects, from today's perspective, a further clear increase in Group sales for 2012 with the inclusion of recent acquisitions. Despite the earnings burdening one-time special effects from the further implementation of the “STADA – build the future” program, the Executive Board expects a very significant increase in reported net income for 2012 as compared to 2011. The Executive Board expects continued growth in the key earnings figures adjusted for one-time special effects in the Group for 2012 and 2013 and also sees, from today's perspective, the opportunity for an increase in the high single-digit percent area in EBITDA adjusted for one-time special effects for 2012. This would mean that record results are once again targeted for these key figures in 2012.
In his remarks, Retzlaff not only discussed the challenges in financial year 2011, but also the positive developments, which have led to a further diversified sales base and optimized cost structure. In addition to significant sales growth in Russia and Spain, this was due further progress in the context of the Group-wide cost efficiency program “STADA – build the future” as well as numerous acquisitions in the course of the accelerated acquisitions policy among other things. Overall, the Group recorded – in the opinion of the Executive Board – positive operational development in 2011 and showed that STADA's sustainable business model proves itself even when faced with burdening factors, and the Group is nevertheless in the position to generate significantly positive operating earnings.
At the end of his talk, the Chairman of the Executive Board discussed the Group's opportunities and risks as well as its success factors. With a view to the operational strengths and the recently concluded acquisitions, Retzlaff affirmed the long-term prognosis envisaged for 2014, according to which Group sales of approximately EUR 2.15 billion, at an adjusted level, EBITDA of approximately EUR 430 million and net income of approximately EUR 215 million should be reached.
The Annual General Meeting endorsed all proposals of the Executive Board and Supervisory Board. Thus, a dividend unchanged from the previous year of EUR 0.37 per STADA common share was approved. The total dividend payments of EUR 21.8 million thus represent a dividend ratio of approximately 99% of reported net income. In addition, the Annual General Meeting confirmed the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board with high approval.
The wording of today’s speech of STADA’s Chairman of the Executive Board Hartmut Retzlaff as well as the exact voting results for all items on the agenda can be found at STADA’s website at
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